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Vela Shape Body Contouring

One of the latest treatments for improving the shape of the body is known as Vela Shape. This non-surgical procedure, approved by the FDA, can help women reduce the size of their thighs and also decrease the localized fat pockets all over the body. Studies from Europe indicate that the treatment is safe, painless and effective. Vela Shape is a mechanical device that combines radiofrequency waves with vacuum massage therapy to reduce cellulite all over the body. Reports by the manufacturers indicate that the Vela Shape can rapidly lead to improvements in body contour and results in a more aesthetically looking figure. In fact, studies have reported patients losing several inches off their waist in just 4-6 weekly treatment sessions.

Vela Shape treatment is done as an outpatient and has no downtime. The procedure is performed at a spa or the physician’s office. Most people require at least 4-6 sessions to get the optimal cosmetic benefit.

There are many anecdotal reports that suggest that individuals who undergo Vela Shape treatment can lose weight and reduce the circumference of both the thighs and waist.

At present Vela Shape is used to treat fat pads/cellulite in the thigh, abdomen and neck. The procedure is often combined with liposuction to get the most effective results. Many women also undergo Vela Shape treatments after delivery.

Besides removing fat and cellulite, other benefits attributed to Vela Shape therapy include better circulation of blood, decrease joint pains and a firmer skin tone.

To maintain the benefits of Vela Shape, it is highly recommended that all individuals enter into an exercise program and watch their calorie intake.

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